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Aldershot is a majestic town in the English district of Hampshire, situated on the heathland around 37 mi (60 km) southwest of London. The town is controlled by Rushmoor Borough Council. The town has a populace of 36,321, while the Aldershot Urban Area, a free conurbation (which additionally incorporates different towns, for example, Farnborough, Camberley, and Farnham) has a populace of 243,344, making it the thirtieth-biggest urban range in the UK. Aldershot is known as the "Home of the British Army", an association which prompted its quick development from a little town to a Victorian town. Aldershot is twinned with Sulechów in Poland, Meudon in France and Oberursel in Germany. The name might have gotten from birch trees found in the territory (from the Old English 'birch holt' which means brush of birch trees). Aldershot was incorporated as a feature of the Hundred of Crondall alluded to in the Domesday Book of 1086. John Norden's guide of Hampshire, distributed in the 1607 version of William Camden's Britannia, shows that Aldershot was a business sector town.

Preceding 1850, Aldershot was minimal known. The zone was an immeasurable stretch of normal land, a desolate no man's land unacceptable for most types of farming with the sparse population. As it existed at the season of the Domesday Survey in 1086, the broad settlement of Crondall in the north-east corner of Hampshire was unquestionably Scandinavian, for among the traditions of that extraordinary estate, which included Crondall, Yateley, Farnborough, and Aldershot, that of sole legacy by the eldest little girl in default of children won, as over a vast piece of Cumberland, and this is an exceptionally Norse custom. In the eighteenth century, the stretch of the London to Winchester interstate that went through Aldershot in the middle of Bagshot and Farnham (now known as the Farnborough Road) was the scene of expressway burglaries. At one time it had "just about as terrible a notoriety for being Hounslow Heath".

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