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The county town Armagh is important for a number of reasons: it is the ecclesiastical capital of Ireland, the seat of the Archbishops of Armagh, it used to be a great royal capital of pagan Gaelic Ireland, and the town can surprise anyone interested in history with numerous buildings and structures that often date back many centuries. Because of its significance as a religious center, Armagh was promoted to city by Queen Elizabeth II in 1994. However, given its population of just 15,000 residents, most people still think it's a town.

It’s believed that the origins of the town can be traced to an ancient monument called Navan Fort. This large circular enclosure used to serve as a sacred ground for ceremonial purposes. Naturally, settlements were established in its proximity. But the true boom happened only after Saint Patrick selected the area as the place where he would establish his church.

Armagh continued to be a center of religious activity even in the medieval era, from which come many culturally significant monuments and artifacts. These include the Book of Armagh and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The Book is an old Irish manuscript that contains some of the earliest texts relating to St Patrick, New Testament, and Old Irish. St Patrick's Cathedral was founded in 445 and is now the seat of the Archbishop of Armagh in the Church of Ireland.
It’s worth mentioning that the town has also a much darker side: there have been 24 murders over the span of the last 20 years. Such a high level of violence is unseen for a town with just 15,000 residents. It’s no wonder that some refer to it as “Murder Mile”.

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