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Arun is a local government district in West Sussex, containing the town of Arundel, Bognor Regis, and Littlehampton. Arundel has a population of around 3,500 and is located 49 miles southwest of London, 18 miles northwest of the English Channel city of Brighton, and 10 miles east of the county city of Chichester. Arundel is a quiet market town and home to a non-League football club Arundel F.C., who play at Mill Road. Bognor Regis is a seaside resort in West Sussex. It has a population of almost 25,000 and has become a popular tourist destination after Sir Billy Butlin opened one of his Butlin's Holiday Camps in Bognor in 1960. Littlehampton is another seaside resort, this time with a population of 28,000. Its history dates back to prehistoric and Roman times, and it was mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086.

By merging the Urban Districts of Bognor Regis and Littlehampton, the municipal borough of Arundel and parts of Chichester, and Worthing Rural Districts, the government formed Arun on 1 April 1974, under the Local Government Act 1972. Since the first election in 1973, the Conservative Party has been enjoying the control over the council.

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Found in West Sussex, Arun originates its name from the River Arun, which can be found trailing down the center of the district. Why not take a Arun escort for a brisk walk along the local river for an evening of sights and wildlife. If you had something else planned then know that our Arun escorts are more than happy interacting with the local nightlife for a night out drinking at Arun's pubs or bars. Arun Escorts will leave you happy no matter what service they provided.

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