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Picture of Barnsley

Located between Leeds and Sheffield, Barnsley is a large town in South Yorkshire surrounded by several smaller settlements. Together, they form the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley, a borough bisected by the M1 motorway with estimated 224,000 residents, according to the recent census. Coal mining and glassmaking played a huge role in the formation of the town, but they sharply declined after the 20th century. The last coal mine in the area closed in 1994. There’s currently only one glassmaking company still operating to this day. The  Council launched a regeneration program called Rethinking Barnsley in 2002. The goal of this program is to develop new transport infrastructure as well as offices and apartments in the town center.

As of now, most companies are inconveniently located on the outskirts of the town. This makes it difficult for employees to commute to work and makes suitable office spaces a rare find. In addition to the economic regeneration program, the town center is also seeing extensive development in terms of retail units and leisure options. In late 2015, the construction of a new shopping center began and many other projects are currently in progress.

Escorts in Barnsley

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