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Basildon was formed in 1974 and currently encapsulates the two neighbouring towns of Billericay and Wickford. It also includes several smaller villages and settlements located along the surrounding countryside. It takes just around 45 minutes to get from the three Basildon stations to London Fenchurch Street, so many local residents commute every day to London for work, where they work mostly in the financial sector. the south and north of the town also pass two main roads from London to Southend, the A13 and A127. Buses, provided by First Essex, are not as widely used as other forms of transportation, mostly connecting Basildon to Billericay, Wickford, and other smaller towns.

When the construction of the New Town was underway, companies in Basildon received substantial grants from the government to set up their businesses in the town. This helped with the development of an advanced industrial base. Currently, there are several major regeneration plans set in motion, totaling nearly £2 billion. They include the development of a new sporting village, the creation of a health and education research center, investment in the Basildon Enterprise Corridor, the creation of a new wetland nature reserve in the Thames Marshes, and a comprehensive review of the district's housing.

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Basildon May just sit outside of london but don't be fooled by this because it remains as one of the largest towns in the county of Essex which means many escorts will work either from london or Essex giving you plenty of choice when you are looking for some company. Why not take one of our Basildon Escorts on a trip to central london that is only 32 miles away or even meet one there and go for a meal and a drink in one of the many famous restaurants.

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