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Bedford has a population of almost 90,000, according to the most recent estimations. It’s widely believed that the name of the town is connected to a Saxon chief called Beda. During the Middle Ages, the town acted as a market center for the agricultural region that surrounded it. In 1224, Henry I built the Bedford Castle. This later played a prominent part in both the civil war of the Anarchy and the First Barons' War. Today, only a mound remains, but its location is still a popular tourist destination. From the 16th century, the town emerged as a prominent player in the lace industry, and it continued to be one until the 20th century.

The most significant landmark in the town today is St Paul's Church, located on St Paul's Square in the town center. During the Second World War, the church acted as the home for the daily worship sessions that were recorded and broadcasted by BBC. Notable features of the charge include the organ, with the tonal basis formed by the Norman & Beard pipework of 1900, and the bells, majority of which were cast in 1896–7 to form a new ring of ten to replace the eight that had been in the church since around 1744.

Escorts in Bedford

To the east of England in Bedfordshire you can find the town of Bedford. Which is a large borough that also governs over surrounding towns such as Brickhill, Newnham and Putnoe. If you live in one of these areas then why not take a Bedford escort to the local art gallery. If you have never been a art fan then why not consider taking a Bedford escort to the local museum. The museum is a great place to discover the history of aeronautical vehicles.

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