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An example of a city that has seen a tremendous redevelopment is the capital city of Belfast. Previously a center of the Irish linen and later a key player in the Industrial Revolution. Which is often described as one of the most dynamic and friendly cities in the world. It’s perhaps because of its troubled past that’s synonymous with an ethno-nationalist conflict known simply as The Troubles, why people living in Belfast embrace progress and people of different backgrounds with open arms.

It’s impossible to walk through the city on a Friday night and not meet a kind stranger asking you “What's the craic?” This Irish word for fun and enjoyment has even been brought into the English language, which says a lot about the kind-hearted nature of people living in the area. One can spend an evening inside a cozy Irish pub or admire the city’s modern architecture.  Many marvel at prime examples of Victorian architecture, such as the Scottish Provident Institution or the Custom House. Many of the oldest buildings in Belfast can be found in the Cathedral Quarter area. The area is a new development situated between Royal Avenue and the Dunbar Link in the city center.

Escorts in Belfast

Looking for some of the finest Belfast Escorts in Northern Ireland's capital city? With so much culture and Irish heritage, that it would be a shame to miss spending time in the area. Which is why many local and tourists hire a Belfast Escort in the local area. Many of the escorts would love to spend time with you either exploring everything the area has to offer or spending some quality time in with a bottle of champagne and chocolates. Belfast Escorts may also travel to the surrounding areas with an outcall charge

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