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The story of Birkenhead begins with the establishment of Birkenhead Priory and the Mersey Ferry. The Priory was founded about 1150 by Hamon de Masci, and it is the oldest standing building on in the town. Its strategically important location on the border with Wales once made it an important place that was visited even by Edward I. The monk who lived in the Priory used the Mersey Ferry to transport passengers across the river to make some money. Later, an issue of a royal license allowed the construction of several lodging houses that formed the core of what would later become Birkenhead.

The River Mersey played an important role not only in the foundation of the town but also in its modern history. It separated the town from the rest of the country and prevented the Industrial Revolution from changing the local agricultural way of life as it did in so many other towns and cities. The access to nearby areas and regions was established slowly over the course of approximately 50 years. The Mersey Railway tunnel opened in 1886, followed by the opening of the Queensway road tunnel in 1934, which, finally, prompted the growth of Birkenhead as an industrial center.

Modern economy revolves around shipbuilding, ship repair, and commerce. The most notable shipbuilding company in Birkenhead is Cammell Laird. They’ve built many famous ships including the RFA Fort Rosalie and the HMS Queen Elizabeth.

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Located in the borough of Wirral, Birkenhead is a great town to organise and arrange a meeting with a Birkenhead escort. Our escorts will keep you company wherever you want go, if you wanted to take them to the local pub they're bound to make it a good time after a few drinks and some dancing. If you wanted to do something more personal with our Birkenhead escort then how about a peaceful night at the local art gallery when you both can connect culturally over some amateur work.

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