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Picture of Birmingham

Birmingham is the birthplace of the industrial steam engine, an invention that became a key component of the Industrial Revolution. This ultimately, allowed Britain to dominate the international landscape of the 19th century. The city’s history tells a story of progress, technological and scientific advancement, and unparalleled manufacturing prowess. No other city in Britain boasted such a distinct economic profile, characterized by a dense concentration of small workshops and skilled artisans as Birmingham did during its formative period.

Modern Birmingham is the second most populous metropolitan area in the United Kingdom. Manufacturing no longer dominates it, however. Instead, the service sector took over and made Birmingham’s economy the second largest in the country. Even though many international tourists don’t notice over the shadow cast by London, Birmingham’s architectural and cultural heritage can proudly stand side-by-side with all other great modern cities.

Just like London’s native speaker have their unique dialect, so do Brummies, a demonym for people from Birmingham. Brummie English is spoken, for example, by Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Pegg, Clare Short, Sarah Smart, or John Oliver. It’s interesting to note that the dialect is often ranked as the most disliked variety of British English.

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