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Picture of Bournemouth

Bournemouth attracts over five million visitors annually with its beaches and nightlife. According to Keith Rawlings, a former mayor of the town, Bournemouth is so thriving because its large student population. It’s the students who fill major venues for concerts, including BIC, Pavilion Theatre, and O2 Academy. They also support smaller, independent shops allowing local residents to follow their dreams. As a result, Bournemouth was found to be the happiest place in the UK. according to a new survey that asked around 6,000 people from all over the country to rate how satisfy there are with the place where they live.

Apart from nightlife and leisure, Bournemouth has several Grade I and Grade II listed buildings. Among them is the St Peter's Church and the St Stephen's church. The former is a Church of England parish church, often described as having a rich Gothic Revival interiors. The latter is an Anglican church with a magnificent Lady Chapel, which was once was devoted to the celebration of Marian masses.

Escorts in Bournemouth

Being one of the largest seaside resorts in the south this town is definitely a great place to hang out with one of the many Bournemouth Escorts that work both in the town and around the local areas. Many Escorts will even travel to Poole, Christchurch or the other neighboring villages. This seaside town is a great place to take your new companion on a date along the sea front.

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