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The story of Bradford starts with a crossing of the Beck at Church Bank. Before the arrival of William the Conqueror, two Old English words were commonly used to refer to the crossing: brad and ford. We know there was a small church on the side built in Anglo-Saxon times. As it was often the case, over time, a small settlement formed around it. This original church was destroyed during the Norman Invasion, but the little that remained was used during the construction its successor, Bradford
Cathedral. The oldest parts of the cathedral were completed in 1458. However, it was only in 1965 when the construction was finished.

Naturally, Bradford’s rich history and vibrant present attract many tourists every year. They come to the city for the National Media Museum, City Park, Cartwright Hall, and Alhambra theater, just to name a few commonly visited places. Thanks to attractions like these, Bradford is also the first UNESCO City of Film. One important cinematographer you might be familiar with is Simon Beaufoy, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Slumdog Millionaire.

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