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Breckland is a local government district in Norfolk in the east of England. Backlands gets its name from the Breckland landscape region which is a horse covered sandy Heath of south Norfolk and the north of Suffolk. The term "Breckland" is an ancient and it is found as early as the 13th century in the form of "Brakelond". The district was formed in April 1974, by the merger of Swaftham Rural District, The Borough Of Thetford, Mitford and Launditch Rural District, East Dereham Urban Distict and Wayland Rural District. The district of Breckland is entirely parished is made up of 113 civil parishes. According to the census in 2001 Breckland had a population of 121, 418. The area has been reduced in the twentieth century due to the impact of the modern framing creation of the Thetford Forest in 1914. Breckland is one of the few places in England where the shy and rare golden pheasant may be seen in the wild. Breckland also have a beautiful 8 miles of track called the Pingi trail, it explored the eastern edge of the area and has an artificial lake called the Thompson Water. The name of this trail comes from the former great eastern railway and also the large number of collapsed pingos found in this area. The trail can accessed as a detour from the peddars way long distance footpath in the local nature reserve.


Just covering over five hundred square miles of land is the district of Breckland, which is formed from a hundred and thirteen civil parishes. With so many towns and villages in the district why not go out and become a true pioneer, whilst you discover and educate yourself why not arrange for an escort to join you. The two of you could take a grip to the local zoo for a time observing and narrating on the wildlife contained there. If that's not your style then how about a day out at the local racetrack for a enjoyable time watching the races, if you wanted to take it to the next level our Breckland escorts are more than happy to watch as you drive around the track in the racing experience.

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