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Picture of Brighton

Brighton is a seaside resort and a very popular destination for tourists. The city is renowned for its diverse communities, large LGBT population, streets full of small, independent shops, and a large number of cultural events that take place throughout the year. No wonder then that it attracts almost 9 million tourists every year.

Among Brighton’s most recognized landmarks are the Royal Pavilion, the Brighton Pier, and Brighton’s Clock Tower. The Pavilion, was completed in 1823 and served as a residence for King William IV. However, Queen Victoria never liked Brighton nor the attention she received from locals whenever she stayed in the Royal Pavilion. She is often quoted saying, “the people here are very indiscreet and troublesome.”

What Queen Victoria recognized as indiscreetness and troublesomeness was perhaps something else entirely. Most tourists who visit the city are surprised by how friendly and open everyone living in the city is. People mingle on beaches, inside independent shops and restaurants, they share memorable experiences during the festival season and whenever a famous band comes to the city. This is not the place for those who like to keep to themselves; Brighton is a diverse range of cultures and traditions.

Escorts in Brighton

Staying in the beautiful seaside resort and looking for one of the many Brighton Escorts that work around the town. This town has so much to see and do so we suggest that you take one of our companions on a lovely day trip to the seaside and see what the resorts have to offer. Many of the Brighton Escorts will offer an out call service if you are living outside of the town or you would like to take a day trip Eastbourne or Worthing.

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