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Broadland is a government district in Norfolk in the east of England and is named after the Norfolk Broads. In 2013 it was announced as the most peaceful place within the United Kingdom because of its lowest violent crime than anywhere else within the country. The district of Broadland was formed in April 1974 by the merger of St. Faith's Aylsham Rural district and is part of the Blofield and Flegg Rural District.

Broadland is currently under the control of the conservatives and has been for most of its existence, with the exception of two periods which resulted in no overall control. The council consists of 47 councillors elected from 27 wards, and after the election held in May 2015 the conservatives have 43 seats and the liberal democrats have 4 seats. The district of Broadland is completely parished and is made up of 65 civil parishes. As if the 2001 census it had an area of 546 square kilometres and a population of 118,513.


Broadland is composed up of sixty five towns and villages which covers over two hundred and ten square miles of land, covering so much land there is plenty of activities for you to involve yourself in. Broadlands local escorts can be hired as an accomplice for the day or just for an evening. Why not take your chosen escort to the local outdoor adventure center, for a time of excitement as the two of you climb through the tree houses. If you didn't want to spend your time with our escort climbing through trees, then why not engage in something more relaxing like a walk along the local canals. Whatever you wish to do with our Broadland escorts they are happy to accompany you anywhere.

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