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Broxtowe is a local government district with the status of a borough in Nottinghamshire, East Midlands England. The district is part of the Greater Nottingham metropolitan area and has ten civil parishes with three of them having town councils of their own (Eastwood, Kimberley and Stapleford). The district of Broxtowe was formed in April 1974 by a merger of the Beeston and Stapleford urban district, the Eastwoid urban district and also part of the Basford Rural district. The name "Broxtowe" was derived from the old Broxtowe Wapentake of Nottinghamshire which covered a much larger area. Broxtowe was granted its borough status in 1977.

The local tourist attraction is D.H. Lawrence Heritage which attracts visitors from all over the world. D.H. Lawrence Heritage is an attraction about the English writer, playwright and poet D.H. Lawrence, the birthplace museum is situated in the writers hometown Eastwood and is managed by the Broxtowe borough council. The centre previously hosted exhibitions and events on D.H. Lawrence's later life however it will now be closed from the 31st March 2016.

Broxtowe also has 13 stunning designated local nature reserves one of them being the Nottingham canal which was opened in 1796 with most of it closing in 1937. The southern section of the nature reserve is now part of the River Trent Navigation and the northern section is a local nature reserve, one of many in the local borough.

Broxtowe Escorts

Broxtowe offers both its inhabitants and its visitors a time of extreme gratification with the local events that have been proposed. Local escorts would love to join you in any of the the proposed events, where they are sure to make it an utterly unforgettable time. For example they would love to see the local nature reserve, where the two of you can connect with birds and an assortment of other wildlife. If you had something else planned then take them to the local hotel and golf club for a round, where the two of you can have a real carnal time playing a round of golf or two.

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