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A town in South Wales located at the southern end of the Rhymney Valley, one of the South Wales valleys. The history of the valley revolves around the industrial demand for iron, steel and coal. As the demand grew, the valley was becoming increasingly more populated, but the industrial decline in the 1980s and 1990s put a sharp end to this expansion.

Most people outside the United Kingdom heard about Caerphilly from the Sex Pistols documentary The Filth and the Fury. Even though Sex Pistols, an English punk rock band, formed in London, Caerphilly was one of only a handful of councils in Britain where the group could legally perform. Another two staples of modern pop culture that depict Caerphilly are the TV shows Merlin and the Doctor Who. In both of these shows, the castle of Caerphilly was used as a filming location.

Caerphilly Castle was built in the 13th century as a medieval fortification. The castle relies on what historian Allen Brown describes as the most elaborate water defenses in all Britain. The water defenses occupy around 30 acres and look absolutely spectacular, especially when viewed from above. Today, the castle is a popular tourist destination that attracts thousands of visitors each year.

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Living in or around the Caerphilly area and looking for one of the many local escorts that work in this welsh county? Caerphilly Escorts will work in and around the area in other towns and villages such as Blackwood, Risca and Ystrad Mynach. However if you are unable to find the right Escort for you then it's worth trying either Newport or Cardiff as many of them will travel from the outside areas to Caerphilly for a small out call service cost. Check with all Caerphilly Escorts before hand to make sure they offer an out call service.

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