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As an administrative center of the City of Carlisle borough, Carlisle is the largest settlement in the county of Cambria with the population of approximately 75,000 residents. This formally heavily populated mill town is currently an important commercial and industrial hub. The hub has a large university presence and many cultural and historical sites.

The town is believed to be one of the strongest British towns before the arrival of the Romans in Britain. It always served as an important defense point, and many relevant buildings and structures can be seen to this day. These include Carlisle Castle, which was the center of many wars and invasions, and several forts.

Carlisle’s significance as the first line of defense was recognized even in the Early Modern Era, when Henry VIII ordered Stefan von Haschenperg to greatly improve the defenses by converting castle towers to artillery platforms. When the English Civil War broke out, the castle would use its defense mechanisms to endure a very long siege. Carlisle would cease to be a frontier town in 1707, after England and Scotland were unified by an act of union.

The Industrial Revolution was marked by rapid population growth and the introduction of textile manufacturing. Unfortunately, this boom didn’t last for a very long time. This meant Carlisle began its slow fall from grace around the time of the First World War. The housing situation in the city got so much worse that The Independent on Sunday branded certain areas no-go parts. Currently, the town is seeing a remarkable rejuvenation, which can be best observed in the city center.

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