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The City of Chelmsford and the county town of Essex is located 32 miles northeast of Charing Cross. The wider district has a population of 170,000, but the urban area of the city has only 120,000 residents. Chelmsford was an important center of light engineering during the Second World War. The Luftwaffe wanted to disrupt its production, attacking the city form the air on several occasions. One of the worst air attacks happened on Tuesday 19 December 1944. 39 people were killed when a V2 rocket fell on a residential street, leaving many dwellings completely destroyed and others inhabitable. Another horrible attack took place on 13 May 1943. A bombing raid unleashed upon the city killed more than 50 people and destroyed a significant portion of the city.

Thanks to the city’s close location to London, it quickly grew as an important administrative and distribution center. Many new factories have been built over the years and many more have been converted to apartment buildings and luxury hotels. These days, most businesses are based in the Chelmsford Business Park, and the city has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the United Kingdom.

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Being so close to the sea Chelmsford is a great place to take if your looking to take trip to the seaside. Many Chelmsford escorts that live in and around this beautiful area. With so much countryside and loads of culture to soak in we would suggest taking one a nice long stroll. Another suggestion would be to visiting the middle of the city centre for a nice dinner.

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