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Chester lies on the River Dee, which flows through parts of both Wales and England. The river forms part of the border between the two countries. The city was granted its status in 1541 and is considered to be the best preserved walled city in Britain. Its origin can be traced back to 79, when the Roman Legio II Adiutrix decided that the area would be a great place for a fort. The military base constantly needed fresh supplies, and it didn’t take too long before people permanently settled around it and formed what would later become the city itself. The Romans built a civilian amphitheater, which could seat almost 10,000 people. This made it the largest amphitheater in Britain.

The city became an important transportation hub during the industrial revolution. Employment rates were staggeringly high and Chester prospered like never before. The prosperity has a downside to it, as housing became increasingly more expensive. After the Second World War, this sparked the need to develop new residential areas that would serve younger generations for many years to come and, at the same time, wouldn’t worsen the traffic situation in the city center. Many locals felt that these development efforts greatly altered the atmosphere in the city, which led to a report by Donald Insall, in which he recommended that historic buildings be preserved in Chester. Because of his recommendation, most of the city is preserved in its full beauty and many stunning marks. These include Phoenix Tower, which originated in the 13th century, Bonewaldesthorne's Tower and Eastgate and Eastgate Clock.

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One of the very last intact walled cities in Britain is Chester, found in the county of Cheshire. As with almost every location in the United Kingdom Chester is a delightful place to hire an escort. Together the two of you can visit the largest zoo in England. While some might enjoy a absorbing time wandering through a zoo, other might dislike it. If you prefer something else why not participate in a captivating walk over the walls of Chester. Whatever you want to do with our Chester escort just be prepared to have one of the times of your life.

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