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Picture of Chesterfield

Chesterfield is situated on a confluence of the rivers Rother and Hipper and has a population of more than 100,000 residents. The history of the town is marked by the year 1204, which is when it received a market charter and started organizing regular markets every Monday, Friday, and Saturday. On these markets, local residents and visitors from neighbouring villages traded basic goods and helped to fuel the local economy and attract merchants, who were interested in making hefty profits by selling highly desired articles and goods.

Another charter, a charter of incorporation, was granted to Chesterfield by Elizabeth I in 1594, thus establishing a corporation that would be later reformed under the Municipal Corporations Act 1835.This legislation was part of the reform program of the Whigs and followed the Reform Act 1832, which had abolished most of the rotten boroughs for parliamentary purposes.

After the end of the Industrial Revolution, most people moved to the tertiary area and started working in the retail sector or as employees of some of many major corporations located in the town. But, by far, the biggest employer is the Royal Mail administration department.

The town of Chesterfield loves art, as exemplified by the work of Barbara Hepworth done on the Royal Mail building. There is also the Pomegranate Theatre and the Winding Wheel, both owned and managed by Chesterfield Borough Council. Both of these theaters regularly host ballet, dances, jazz, opera, and musical theater.

Escorts in Chesterfield

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