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With the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, Chichester is the seat of a bishopric and home to some of the oldest churches and buildings in Great Britain. Long before the dawn of the Anglo-Saxon period, the area had a significant role during the Roman Invasion. This is apparent by the city plan itself, which is inherited from the Romans. The Romans left behind them baths, an amphitheater, and more than six feet thick wall.

The Bishop of Chichester moved in 1075 and remained there to this day. The city was always used for its strategic position and strong defense capabilities. However this need drastically gained on importance after the Battle of Hasting when the township was transferred to Roger de Montgomerie. He ordered the construction of a castle in 1066. The strong military presence ended only in 2014.

These days, the area lives mainly with tourism and related industries. Some of the main attractions include the Cathedral, the Festival Theatre, The Butter Market in North Street, the Chichester Cross, and the South Downs Planetarium & Science Centre. Chichester Cathedral was founded in 1075, and it exemplifies important Norman and Gothic architectural elements. It has many treasures and artworks, such as two carved reliefs dating from the 12th century or the remains of a Roman mosaic pavement. The Chichester Festival Theatre opened in 1962 and has since then been providing local residents with varied forms of entertainment. The South Downs Planetarium and Science Centre is a self-financing education facility that wants to promote astronomy and related sciences.

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