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Located in South Yorkshire, England, Doncaster is a large market town having a population of about 78,000. Together with its settlements and surroundings the town forms a part of Metropolitan Borough of Doncaster.

Having a maritime climate, means the city lacks extreme temperatures. During the 18th, 19th and the 20th century the city emerged as an industrial Centre. Because of its communication links, the town became quite busy and experienced vast migration. In the recent years there has been a lot of expansion in the residential and commercial developments in the town. Moreover the transportation links with different cities of the UK have also been improved significantly in the recent years.

The main museum is the Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery. This museum opened in 1964 and has exhibits of local history, archeology, natural history and decorative and fine art. The building of the Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery also houses Museum of King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. The city also has an aircraft museum Aeroventure and the Trolleybus Museum.

Another major landmark in Doncaster is the Cusworth Hall which is an 18th century country house. There are a number of theatres and cinemas in dotted around the local area as well.

Doncaster also enjoys great nightlife scene with Cleveland Street, the Silver Street and High Street having more than 40 clubs and bars. Bradford Row, Lazarus Court and Priory Walk are other places which have a number of clubs and bars. Copley Road and Netherhall areas have excellent restaurants serving different types of foods from around the world. Sports is a part of culture in Doncaster and the town has local football and rugby teams.

Some might stroll through the town, waiting for the sun to set down and bars to open. By far the densest concentration of clubs and bars is on the Silver Street, Cleveland Street, and High Street. All three streets are within a walking distance of one another, making it possible to swiftly move from one venue to another without calling a cab. Restaurants are concentrated around the town’s center, and they range from cheap fast-food bistros to exclusive steakhouses and restaurants.

After an eventful evening spent in the center and a refreshing breakfast somewhere along the way, many choose to juxtapose contemporary culture with collections of natural history, archaeology, and fine arts which can be seen in the Museum and Art Gallery. This modern museum opened in 1964 and won the “Most Improved Audience Figures” award. It’s one of only a few places where one can see the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. As the name suggests, this aircraft museum has on display many staples of Royal Air Force.

Escorts in Doncaster

This is a perfect place to take an escort as it's one of the largest market towns in the UK. Doncaster Escorts work in and around the South Yorkshire area including Rotherham and Scunthrope so if you can’t find the right Escort in Doncaster then take a look at the neighboring cities. Escorts will charge different rates depending on your location or any travel costs that may occur.

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