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Dover is a major ferry port and town in Kent in south east England. It faces France straight across the Strait. Which is the narrowest part of the English Channel and also lies south east of Canterbury. This is east of Kent's county town Maidstone and is north east along the coast line from Dungeness. The local district is home of the Calais ferry through the port of Dover. The surrounding cliffs of Dover have become known as the "The White Cliffs Of Dover". It's position of strategic has been evident throughout its history. Archaeological finds have revealed that the area has been a focus always for people entering and leaving Britain.

The name of the town derives from the name of the river that flows through it which is named the River Dour. The town has been inhabited since the Stone Age according to the archaeological finds and Dover is one of only few to have a corresponding name in the French language which is "Douvres". Closed in 2007 there was formally a military base in the area, although Manu of the former ferry services have declined services related to the Dover port provides a great deal of the towns employment as does the tourists that visit the location in their thousands each year. The area has a very historical castle named the Dover Castle which was founded in the 11th century. The castle is commonly known to be the "Key to England", due to its defensive significance throughout history. The Castle is the largest castle in England.

Dover Escorts

Famous for its large chalk cliffs Dover is a coastal town and major ferry port located in the county of Kent. Whether it's a normal night for you or if you're a tourist visiting the cliffs. This town has plenty of activities to offer its patrons. So why do any of it alone when you can hire an escort for your night of activities. Escorts are perfect company when viewing the cliffs, both of you can marvel at the natural and historical importance of such a landmark. Other than the cliffs you can be taken to a multitude of places including local museums.

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