Durham Escorts & Massages

Located on the River Wear, Durham is a historic city known for its Norman cathedral and 11th-century castle. The cathedral is officially named The Cathedral Church of Christ and it is the seat of the Anglican Bishop of Durham. It was founded in 1093, and is considered to be one of the best examples of Norman architecture. Durham Castle was meant to symbolize the power that the Norman king had over the north of England, which is visible when one examines its bold architectural features.

Unlike many other cities in England, Durham was mostly unaffected by the Industrial Revolution, and the only industries that it is known for are carpet making and weaving. Unfortunately, even these declined with the advent of mass production and international trade. As such, the city is currently alive mostly with tourism and two education institutions: Durham University and New College Durham.

Durham University is an important research university founded by an Act of Parliament in 1832 and granted a Royal Charter in 1837. It claims to be the third oldest university in England and is currently ranked 5th to 6th by recent national league tables of the British universities. The college plays a fundamental role is students’ social lives and offers the choice between approximately 200 student clubs and organization. Students also actively volunteer for various civic activities, participate in organized sports, and run their own student media. The most notable of which is Palatinate, the cities independent student-run fortnightly newspaper.

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