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Picture of Epping Forest

Situated near the town of Epping is an area of ancient woodland known as Epping Forest. This area covers 2,476 hectares and contains areas of woodland, grassland, heath, rivers, bogs, and ponds. Epping Forest gives its name to Epping Forest District, which is contiguous with Greater London to the south and southwest. For an area that’s so close to London, a surprisingly large number of civil parishes are rural. One of several larger towns is Epping, with its population of 11,000 inhabitants. Epping is located 3 miles north-east of Loughton, 5 miles south of Harlow and 11 miles northwest of Brentwood.

Despite its larger size, which is greatly influenced by the fact that the town is the terminus of London Underground’s Central Line, Epping still retains some rural elements, giving it a unique, welcoming character. The town started as a community of farmers. These farmers originally lived only at the edge of the forest. With time, vigorous clearing of the forest for cultivation created a place for the development of a settlement known as Epping Health. When King Henry III conveyed the right to hold a weekly market in Epping Street, he established the town as a center of trade.

Escorts in Epping Forest

Found in the south west of the greater county of Essex is a hundred and thirty square miles of land, commonly known as Epping forest. As a great location there is plenty on offer for both you and a Epping Forest escort to involve yourselves in. This can include a viewing of a local historical reenactment of a napoleonic war battle that will leave the both of you well informed and content. Not a military reenactment guy, then simply take our Epping Forest escort out to a local game of boxing which the both of you can enjoy with a drink.

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