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Erewash is a government district in the eastern area of Derbyshire and the west of Nottingham. The district contains the towns of Ilkeston, Long Eaton and Sandiacre. Erewash also has 14 civil parishes and was formed in April 1974 by a merger of the borough of Ilkeston which is the Long Eaton urban district and a part of the South East Derbyshire Rural District. Erewash borough councils headquarters are split between two of the towns which are the main urban areas of Long Eaton and Ilkeston Town Halls.

As you would expect the locals take pride in their schools and colleges, the public school is The Long Eaton School which is located in Long Eaton, Erewash, they also have a local college which is the Trent College also located in the local area. Erewash also hold a Japanese weekend school which is held in the Broomfield Hall. Erewash is also a county constituency represented in The House Of Commons of the U.K. Parliament this was brought to life by Maggie Throup a conservative in 2015. The district also boasts a stunning river that flows through the south of Derbyshire and close to its eastern boarder with Nottingham. One of the best golf clubs in the East Midlands, Erewash Valley Gold Club calls this place home and was formed in 1905.

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Covering less than fifty square miles of land is the borough of Erewash, located in the county of Derbyshire. If you had nothing planned and happened to be in the area why not try something exciting like taking out an escort? Take your escort to the local American themed resort for a experience of the USA lifestyle, that your escort may find completely new to them. Or maybe go play a game of golf at the local club where your skills will be truly tested.

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