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A cathedral city in England, Exeter lies in the south west of the country. Exeter has a population of of 124,328 and lies within the ceremonial county of Devon. Making it  the counties town as well as the home of Devon County Council. The administrative area currently has the status of a non metropolitan district which therefore under the administration of the county council. The city has a stunning river called the River Exe which is 37 miles northeast of Plymouth and 70 miles southwest of Bristol. The city was named the most south-westerly Roman fortified settlement in Britain. However there is evidence a Cornish tribe existed in Exeter before the Roman invasion. Exeter became a religious city during the Middle Ages and into the Tudor times. The cathedral was founded in the mid 11th century and became Anglican during the 16th century English reformation.

During the late 19th century the city became a affluent centre for the wool trade. However by the First World War the city was in decline. After the Second World War very much of the city centres were rebuilt and it is now considered to be a centre for modern businesses and tourism within the Devon and Cornwall areas. Located just outside Rougemont Castle lies the beautiful Nothernhay Gardens and is the oldest public open space in England. The garden was originally laid out in 1612 as a pleasure walk for the residents of the City. Nothernhay Gardens has an inconic Victorian design with plenty of trees, bushes and plenty of beautiful flower beds.

Exeter escorts

Whether you live in Exeter or or just looking for some company for the night out, Exeter escorts are the answer to your problem. Take one of the escorts to the local film museum? Where the both of you can learn all of the history of British cinema. If you had a more specific role in your mind for an escort to carry out then how about a trip along the local ferry? Where you and an Exeter escort are likely to end up soaking wet.

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