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Gedling is a local government district with borough status in Nottinghamshire, East Midlands England. Gedling is part of the greater Nottingham metropolitan area lying to the north and east of the city of Nottingham. The borough was formed in April 1974 by merging the Arnolf and Carlton urban districts and also part of the Basford Rural District. Gedling Borough Council is elected every four years having currently 50 Councillors being elected at each elected, the Conservative party controlled the council from the first election in 1973-1995 however since then the Labour Party has had full control over the council this includes a period between 2003-2007 where the parties shared the control, at the most recent election labour gained full control back. The beautiful borough of Gelding comprises the towns of the Arnold and Carlton and the surrounding parishes, a Gelding borders Sherwood Forest to the north, the River Trent to the south east and the city of Nottingham to the southwest.


Covering the small total of four hundred and sixty three square miles is the borough of Gedling. With such a small amount of space there is plenty of nearby happenings that you can get involved in. If you’re nervous about going out then hire a Gedling escort for quality company, the two of you can arrange to meet at a local pub for a few drinks and then perhaps some dancing to really get you both in a good mood. If you can't dance then how about asking our Gedling escorts to accompany you, as the both of you increase your knowledge on Bonsai’s at the local Bonsai museum which is filled with a variety of Bonsai related products.

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