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The history of Gillingham, a town in the unitary authority of Medway in South East England, goes back to the 10th century when it was recorded as Gyllingeham. The town gained municipal borough status in 1903 and later, in 1972, became a non-metropolitan district under a Local Government Act that reformed local government in England and Wales. The last major change happened in 1998 when Gillingham merged with the other Medway Towns to become part of the Medway unitary authority.

The town is a place of two very unfortunate disasters: the Gillingham Fair fire disaster and the Gillingham bus disaster. The first tragedy took place on 11 July 1929 during a firefighting demonstration. As per tradition, firefighters constructed a large wooden house, but, this time, the whole event was made to resemble a wedding reception with a bride, groom, and guests. The actual fire wasn’t supposed to start until all attendees were safely moved away from the wooden building. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen and the fire ignited prematurely. The nature of the building caused the fire to spread very rapidly, killing 15 people before firefighters extinguished it just a few minutes later. The second tragedy occurred on the evening of 4 December 1951. The Royal Marines Volunteer Cadet Corps were marching to attend a boxing tournament, but as they passed the municipal swimming pool, they were hit from behind by a bus travelling at 20-40 miles per hour. 24 cadets were killed and 18 injured in the tragedy.

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