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Picture of Glasgow

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and an example of the effects of the Industrial Revolution on various cities. By 1821, Glasgow surpassed the population of Edinburgh and was eventually known as the Second City of the Empire. The city played a pivotal role in many different industries, including leather processing, food, textiles and more. The plethora of opportunities attracted immigration, helping the city reach a population of one million.

The city currently has a population of about 2.8 million, if we also consider the wider region surrounding the conurbation. It's divided into several districts and suburbs. One of them is the financial district, which serves as a base for 8 out of 10 largest insurance companies in the UK. However, it would be a catastrophic omission not to mention Glasgow’s culture as a force of equal power compared to business and economy regarding how it shapes the façade of the city. After all,
Glasgow was designated European City of Culture in 1990. Notable cultural sites include the Mitchell Library, the Scottish Opera or the National Theatre of Scotland.

Escorts in Glasgow

Glasgow has so much to see on a break or trip, meaning there will never be a dull moment. If you're lonely in this magical Scottish city you could always invite one of our stunning Glasgow Escorts out for a night on the tiles or perhaps a quiet dinner with a lovely moonlight dinner in one of the many restaurants scattered across city. Escorts will ensure that you have the best time in city for any occasion, be it business or pleasure.

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