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Picture of Gloucester

Gloucester is a city and is a county town of Gloucestershire which is located in the south east of England. The city is close to the Welsh boarder and is on the River Severn which is approximately 32 miles north east of the City of Bristol and 45 miles south west of the city of Birmingham.

The city of Gloucester is a cathedral city and is the capital of the county. It was originally built on a flat spot of land. The cathedral is in the north of City near the River Severn. The cathedral originates in the foundation of the Abbey dedicated to Saint Peter in 681. This is also the burial place of King Edward II and Walter de Lacy. The corridors were used in the Harry Potter films, Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone and the others.

Gloucester is situated on the Bristol and Birmingham railway. The city was founded by the Romans under Emperor Nerva in AD97 and was granted its first charter in 1155 by King Henry II. The city is economically dominated by the service industries. The city also has a very strong financial and business sector which is home to the bank "Cheltenham & Gloucester" and was historically prominent in the aerospace industry. The City is also home of the famous rugby team who's home ground is Kingholm stadium situated in the city centre of Gloucester.

Gloucester Escorts

Located in the southwest of England is the county town of Gloucester. As with the majority of cities found in the UK there is a whole range of activities around. If you're feeling nervous about doing these activities alone then hire an escort for the day.

These escorts will happily accompany you as involve yourself in whatever you wish. This may be an experience at the local diving school where you can attempt an underwater dive. Don't like water then take a Gloucester escort out to the local cinema, where you can have some confectionery food and view a featured length film at the same time.

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