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This large town in Surrey, a county in the southeast of England and also one of the home counties bordering Greater London, is located 27 miles southwest of central London. The town is associated with outbursts of semi-organized lawlessness known as the Guy Riots. Every year on Guy Fawkes Night, an annual commemoration observed on 5 November, groups of men would put on masks and various bizarre disguises to hide their identities. They would then enter Guildford and start damaging property, looting, and setting on bonfires. They would do this as a revenge for any grievances committed against them over the year. Attempts to suppress them led to deaths of local police officers.

Some of the most significant landmarks in Guilford include St Mary's Church and the Cathedral Church of the Holy Spirit, commonly referred to as Guildford Cathedral. Built in about 1040 AD, St Mary's Church is the oldest surviving structure in the town. It’s an Anglican church and a Grade I listed building. Guildford Cathedral was designed by Sir Edward Maufe and built between 1936 and 1961. Its solid red brick outline is visible from far away, which is exactly what Maufe intended when designing the building and selecting its location.

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Found in Surrey the district of Guildford covers roughly a hundred square miles of land. With the city of Guildford located almost in the center there is a great deal of participle events around the area. Why not hire an Guildford escort for a concentrated session on the appreciation of victorian depiction through the medium of expressive illustration at the local art gallery. Don't like painting then take our Guildford escort out for a history of expressionism through the operation of musical instruments.

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