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Gwynedd is an area within north west Wales and is named after the old kingdom of Gwynedd. It is a government area and is the second biggest geographical area and one of the most sparsely populated, with most of the population being Welsh spoken. The name Gwynedd is also used for a preserved county covering the two local government areas of Gwynedd and the Isle of Anglesey. Historically and culturally the name Gwynedd can also be used for most of North Wales corresponding to the approximate territory of the Kingdom of Gwynedd at its greatest extent. Gwynedd is the home of Bangor university. The university received its royal charter in 1885 and was one of the founding member institutions of the formal federal university of Wales. It was officially known as the university college of north wales for most of its history, and later known as the University of Wales, Bangor and from September 2007 it became known as Bangor University, and it became independent from the federal University of Wales. Gwynedd has a beautiful river named the Llyn Peninsula and extends 30 miles straight into the Irish Sea. Llyn Peninsula is part of the modern county and historic region of Gwynedd. The Llyn area of outstanding natural beauty covers 160 square kilometres. Snowdonia national park has 823 square miles in area and was the first to be designed out of the three national parks in 1951. The park was established in 1951 as the third national park in Great Britain. Snowdonia national park is made up of local government and Welsh representatives. Unlike many parks Snowdonia is made up of both private and public lands.


One of the more northern regions of wales, Gwynedd covers just under a thousand square feet of land, making it the second largest district in Wales. As Gwynedd covers such a large area there is no lack of participle fun for you to entertain yourself with, however if you would like to company then hire a escort. As our Gwynedd escorts have to cover such a large area they may charge for an out call. Once you have then why not take an escorts for a sprightly hike up the local mountain for a once in a lifetime experience of pain and pride. Wanted to do something less physical? Why not take our Gwynedd escort to the local train rides, where the two of you can be comfortably transported around the district while participating in the local history element as a team.

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