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Located on the border with Hertfordshire, Harlow occupies a large area of land on the left bank of the upper Stort Valley. Many argue about the exact origin of its name. According to one theory, the name comes from two Anglo-Saxon words that together mean "army hill". However, those who favor the second theory disagree and say that it actually means "temple hill/mound". The difference is rather significant, because if the area was used as a secret burial ground, the town would have a notable religious importance.

But we know for sure that the earliest human activity dates back all the way to 10,000 BC, as confirmed by Davey, who found deposits of a hunting camp. Around the camp were many tools that were probably used for the organized working of flint. There are so many of these tools that it will take many and many years to properly uncover everything and examine it in great detail. Only then we will know with certainty how was the area really used.

Today, Harlow has transformed from the manufacturing town of the past to a town focused mostly on the service sector and retail. Still, many local people struggle to find a good job and unemployment is often as high as 10%, making it one of the worst in the entire country. This situation is only made more problematic by the fact that a large percentage of residents rely on social housing and have very low social mobility.

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