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Picture of Harrogate

Harrogate is a beautiful spa town that attracts countless visitors every year with its spa waters and RHS Harlow Carr gardens. The water is known to contain large amount of iron, Sulphur, and salt. Early in the 17th century, mineral spring waters containing salts of iron were known as chalybeate. The word comes from the Latin word for steel, which itself comes from Greek. Iron plays an important role in human nutrition, including the formation of the protein hemoglobin.

In the 17th and 18th century, it was much more difficult for people to eat a balanced diet. Consequently, many developed anemia and fatigue as a result of iron deficiency. Women and children were particularly at risk compared to other segments of the population. An iron-rich spa was a very cost-effect way to prevent iron deficiency and greatly improve the overall health.

The Royal Horticultural Society, the UK's leading gardening charity, runs four public gardens in Harrogate. One of them is RHS Garden Harlow Carr. This garden is located on the western edge of the town and is the most recent addition to the Royal Horticultural Society. Among its many attractions are Kitchen Garden, Gardens through Time, The Queen Mother’s Lake, Woodland and Ornamental Grasses border.

Harrogate Escorts

Considered the happiest town in Britain; Harrogate is a spa town with cultural beauty as well as its historical importance. Why not celebrate both of these and bring your Harrogate escort to the Harlow Carr gardens for a relaxing day bathing. If that was not what you would typically expect from a Harrogate escort then why not do something different such as a local cafe for a warm drink and conversation.

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