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Picture of Hartlepool

Outlying suburban villages of Seaton Carew, Greatham and Elwick, Hartlepool dates back to 7th century, when it was founded around Hartlepool Abbey. Hartlepool Abbey was a Northumbrian monastery founded in 640. It’s notable for its early Saxon style and the sudden disappearance after Hilda of Whitby left Hartlepool Abbey.

The town was heavily involved in shipbuilding and ironworks, during the First World War. As such, Hartepool became a prime target for German bombers. The raid on Scarborough, Hartlepool and Whitby on 16 December 1914 resulted in a total of 1150 shells killing 117 people. This raid is sometimes described as the first military casualty on British soil by enemy fire. When the war ended, many local residents found themselves without work. The town went into decline, which lasted until the start of the World War II. The shipbuilding and manufacturing industries resumed their production at maximum capacity, thus employing just about every single person capable of working. Unfortunately, the same situation that happened after the end of the first war happened again. The last ship was constructed in 1961, and it became very clear how much the town needs to change in order to meet modern life standards.

Most notably, Hartepool lacked shops, cinema, and options for recreation. This was somewhat corrected by the opening of the Middleton Grange Shopping Centre in 1970, but many local residents find it to be cold and unappealing. Indeed, the brutalist style leaves a lot to be desired, and brutalist buildings are almost universally despised across the country.

Escorts in Hartlepool

In the northeast of the United Kingdom the county ‘County Durham’ which is home to the town of Hartlepool. Hartlepool escorts are an amazing buy, why not hire one to escort you through the town as you visit local attractions. Take your escort to the local docks, which has a numerous restaurants, museums and general activities to participate in, why not take advantage of this and go for a journey on board the museum ship. Not a fan of ships? Then our Hartlepool escorts are great company at the local golf club, either as a drinking friend or an opponent in a round.

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