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Picture of Hastings

Located 24 miles east of Lewes, Hastings is a historic town with a population of 90,000 residents and many historical sites. The castle dates back to 1066, when William of Normandy ordered fortifications to be built immediately after his landing in England. Hastings Castle was one of them and it proved to be essential in defending the country when the town was attacked by the French in 1339 and 1377. It even became a target for German bombing during the Second World War. All these events greatly damaged the once magnificent castle, turning it into a ruin. Today it is now open to the public between March and October.

These days, the majority of the local economy is fueled by tourism and the fishing industry. Fishing methods have changed over the years, and the local fishing fleet even won accreditation. They are the largest beach-launched fishing fleet in Europe. Most tourists who visit the town spend, at least, some time in the Priory Meadow Shopping Centre. The centre was opened in 1997 by Queen Elizabeth II. It features over 40 stores and food outlets, including Clintons, Deichmann, Pandora, Costa, and Poundland.

Those who don’t come to Hastings only for recreation and shopping are likely to attend the Jack-in-the-Green festival. A Festival which is held on the May Day bank holiday weekend, or the Maydayrun. This annual event involves thousands of motorbikes taking a trip from the south of London.

Escorts in Hastings

Not only a historic town but also a borough is Hastings, found to the south east of Britain. Hastings offers its tourists a whole range of intractable activities, that can be done with a quality Hastings escort. The two of you can spend the whole night walking through the nature reserves spread around the town, to create a candidly pleasant time that you're bound to remember. Other than walking our Hasting escorts can join you traveling along the local railway system, which is bound to be a unique experience for everyone!

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