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With a population of 53,516 people, the cathedral city of Hereford is the largest settlement in the county of Herefordshire. The city always benefited from its proximity to the border between Mercia and Wales. The strategically important location would make it a great place where high-ranking dignitaries could live and manage their affairs. Hereford changed hands many times, and each new owner would leave his individual mark.

The city is currently involved in several regeneration projects with a common intention to increase the living standard, restore historical parts of the city to their former shine, and build thousands of new homes as a part of the Regional Spatial Strategy, which provides regional level planning frameworks for the regions of England outside London. In terms of education, the most significant projects are the rebuilt of the Herefordshire and Ludlow College and the opening of a new NMiTE (New Model in Technology and Engineering) university. Herefordshire and Ludlow College is a college of further education, which offers courses in health, public services and care, preparation for life and work, and business administration. NMiTE is a progressive STEM university established with a gold to provide a new model of high-value engineering and education by teaching problem-solving skills that are applicable in the real world.

Other reconstructed parts of the city include Hereford city center, the rebuilding of the canal basin at the end of the currently disused Herefordshire and Gloucestershire Canal, or the refurbishment of Butter Market. Once all of these projects are completed, Hereford will shine even more than it already does today.

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