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Picture of Horsham

Horsham is a market town in the south east of England. The upper of the town reaches the River Arun in the centre of the Weald in Sussex. In the centre of Horsham there is an open square known as the Carfax. The area of Carfax contains the the towns memorial to the fallen of the two world wars, a well used band stand and a Saturday market. The Carfax is a Norman origin, a corruption of 'Quatre Voies' or 'Carrefour' a place where four roads meet. Formerly known as 'Scarfoulkes' the derivation of which is uncertain. Providing pedestrianization the Carfax provides a centre to the town and contains two public houses and commercial shops. The west end part of the town centre stands a controversial water sculpture known as the 'Rising Universe' fountain and colloquially known as 'The Shelley Fountain'. It was designed by a lady called Angela Conner. The parish church in Horsham called The Parish Church Of St Mary The Virgin is the oldest building in Horsham and has been associated with the life and worship of the community, the church has been in continuous use for almost eight centuries, the church has 10 bells and the present structure is of a mid Victorian design. Horsham also have a town hall in the market square and is a much adapted and restructured building dating from c 1648 back then it was referred to as a market house. In 1721 a new construction was built containing Portland stone, poultry and butter market. The building once fell into disrepair and was rebuilt around 1812, it was in 1888 that it became the property of Horsham council. A large amount of the building was again rebuilt and is of late Victorian origin with a Norman facade preserving some of the older buildings.


Both the county district and the counties council headquarters location are both named Horsham, as such there is a wide area for venturing as well as plenty of point of interests to visit. If you find yourself bored in Horsham then why not hire an escort to accompany as you explore the town and the local area. Our Horsham escorts are great for a day at the local art gallery, where you can increase your cultural standing as well as conversing with our escort about the significance of the art. If that does not appeal to you then how about a slow paced walk through the local park, which is full of sculptures and an abundance of wildlife surrounding you, for a more undemanding time with our Horsham escort.

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