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Picture of Ipswich

Ipswich is in the east of England, and is a large town in the county of Suffolk. The town is located on the River Orwell and boasts a dock which has operated since the 7th century. The development of the town over-spills the boroughs boundaries and in the year 2011 Ipswich was the fourth largest urban area in the east of England region. The town is one of the oldest towns in England that was under control from the Roman Empire. The area around Ipswich formed a very important route inland to rural towns around the East of England. In 2007 the local council was awarded the prestigious Cleanest Town Award for there services to the public in the area of sanitation. Ipswich still remains a town, however, attempts to become a city have been declined due to them not having a cathedral.

Ipswich has a professional football team called the Ipswich Town football club who play home matches at Portman Road holding a capacity of 30,300 and they play in the League Championship. The club was founded in 1878 and they have a strong rivalry with Norwich City. Being one of the oldest towns in England they are home to many Medieval churches, however the grandest church in is St Mary Ie Tower which was rebuilt by the Victorians. This is the civil church of Ipswich and is also the churchyard of St Mary.

The worlds oldest circle of church bells is housed in St Lawrence church another one of the many local churches. In the water front area of Ipswich lies the tallest building in east Anglian which reaches 23 storeys called The Mill, it is a mixed used development and cost £42 million to build which was designed by John Lyall Architects, The Mill is proposed to be the landmark building of the town.

Ispwich Escorts

Considered to be the oldest town in England by some, Ipswich is a borough offering its inhabitants and visitors a whole host of exciting activities.Why not arrange for an escort to join you for a truly unforgettable time. The two of you could take your time browsing through the local transport and engineering museum, for a sincerely academical time. If you wanted a something a little less serious, then the escorts  listed on this website would be delighted to see the local theatre, to watch one of the many amateur plays available.

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