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Leeds is ranked as a Gamma-level city, a city that links smaller economic regions into the world economy. The “linking-city” shapes the diverse economy of the city and contributes to its outstanding status to the West Yorkshire Area. Leeds is covered by a dense transportation network, which connects it to a number of nearby towns and cities.

Quite poetically, this sense of economic flow is reflected even in the city’s name. Because of its location on the River Aire, a 148 miles long river in Yorkshire, people used to use the word old Brythonic word Ladenses. Which literary means “people of the fast-flowing river,” to describe some of the first inhabitants of the area. Modern Leeds, while grounded in its long past, embraces new opportunities and is not afraid to reinvent itself.

A great example is the city’s booming digital gaming sector. AAA developers such as Activision and Rockstar are just two best-known names, but the creative energy they generate fuels ambitions of a much larger number of independent developers and small studios. No wonder that, after London, the organizers of the Eurogamer Expo selected Leeds as their next destination.

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