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Lisburn is a city in the Northern Ireland area of Great Britain and it is 8 miles southwest of Belfast. The city is situated on the river Lagan which forms the boundary between County Antrim and County Down. Lisburn is formed with Belfast in the Metropolitan area and has a population of 71,465 people in the 2011 Census. Lisburn was formerly a borough, and got granted its city status in 2002 as part of Queen Elizabeth II's golden jubilee celebrations. The city is the third largest in Northern Ireland.

Lisburn is also one of the constituent cities that make up the Dublin-Belfast corridor region and has a population of just under 3 million people. The cities original site was formally located on what is know now as Hill Street, on a hill just above the River Lagan. There was also a fort on the north side of now what is known as Castle Gardens. There was also a Manor House that was destroyed in an accidental fire in 1707 which was never re built and has a Latin motto "Ex igne resurgam" which translates to "out of the fire I shall arise" this is a reference to this incident. Lisburn is known as the birth place of Ireland's linen industry which was established in 1698 by Louis Crommelin and another Huguenot. An exhibition of the Irish linen industry is now house as the Irish Linen Centre which can be found in the old market house in the market square of Lisburn. In November 2012 the award for European City Of Sport 2013 was officially handed over to the city at a ceremony at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Lisburn Escorts

Lisburn is a city located south west of Belfast and is the connection point for two districts; the county of Antrim and Down. If you’re a local or visiting why not spice up your evening with a little company, in the form of an escort. As the area covers two districts escorts may have to change their outcall rates in relativity to the distance their traveling. Once they arrive however why not take them to the greyhound racing for a unique experience they would never receive. Not a gambling person, then just take our Lisburn escort to the local aviation society where both of you can wander through hangers of aircrafts and marvel at the detail of information.

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