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This market town and civil parish in Cheshire is sometimes referred to as a Maxonian. The town is situated in the ancient Hundred of Hamestan, an administrative division that was geographically part of a larger region. We can trace the name of the market town to two Old English names “Maccel and field,” which mean “Maccel's open country.”

In the early 13th century Earl Ranulf III of Chester granted Macclesfield a borough charter. Shortly after, the parish church of All Saints was built and served as an important place of worship for many years to come. At one point during Macclesfield’s history, the town was surrounded by walls, some of which still exist to this day. However, most were irreparably damaged during the Civil War. The King by Sir Thomas Aston occupied the city, and parliamentarian forces led by Sir William Brereton, an English writer and politician who sat in the House of Commons at various times between 1628 and 1659, commenced heavy bombarding. What was left of Macclesfield flourished during the Industrial Revolution, when Macclesfield became one of the world’s biggest producer of finished silk. At one time, 71 silk mills were operating in the town.

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Macclesfield is a market town located in Cheshire, known for being a more affluent town than most others. As a result the town is brimmed full with bars and restaurants aimed at the affluent. This town has plenty to offer, take your Macclesfield escort on a tour of the local history in the many museums, or skip the history lesson and take your macclesfield escort to one of the many live venues you can find in the later hours of the night.

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