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This area of southern England includes what could be the largest unenclosed pasture land in the otherwise heavily polluted south-east of England. To avoid confusion, it’s necessary to add that the same name also refers to the New Forest National Park. In past, the whole area was once an impenetrable forest. After ice sheets started to withdrew around 12,000 years ago, some areas were cleared for cultivation of crops, but the dreadful quality of the soil yielded very poor results. Consequently, many of the cleared areas served only as glazing land for horses.

When William the Conqueror took over Britain, the French royalty that usurped the power in the region fancied the idea of turning the forest into a hunting ground for royal hunts. Unfortunately, the area wasn’t completely void of human settlements. There were several hamlets and homesteads, all of which were demolished. The first recording of this new hunting ground called New Forest can be found in Domesday Book of 1086. Because commoners were not allowed to enter the area, wildlife could flourish, occasionally disturbed only by hunters. As such, New Forest is home to valley bogs, alder carr, wet heaths, dry heaths, and deciduous woodland.

Escorts in New Forest

If you're visiting or living in the New Forest location and fancy something other than long country walks and camping then why not get in contact with one of our New Forest Escorts that work in and around the area and often travel from either Southampton or Bournemouth. Many escorts may work other small villages and towns such as Ringwood or Totton, but it's best contacting any of the New Forest Escorts before hand to make sure you are able to travel to them or have them travel to you.

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