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The Borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme is named after its main settlement, Newcastle-under-Lyme, and located in Staffordshire. 75,000 out of the 126,000 inhabitants of the borough live in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Even though the town is not mentioned in the Domesday Book, we know that its name derives from the 12th-century castle that stood in the area. In 1173, Henry II, an energetic and sometimes ruthless ruler also known as Henry Curtmantle, issue a charter which granted the town its own rights.

Newcastle’s early economy was based around trade, silk, and cotton mills. As engineering rose to prominence, so did coal mining, brick manufacture, and iron casting. Samuel Bell's factory in Lower Street became famous between 1724 and 1754 for its soft-paste porcelain tableware. At the end of the Second World War, Rolls-Royce selected Newcastle-under-Lyme as the place where they would manufacture the Derwent engine for the Gloster Meteor fighter. These days, the substantial student population that attends Newcastle-under-Lyme College and Keele University pumps life into the town’s nightlife scene and daytime entertainment and shopping venues. Newcastle-under-Lyme College was formed as a tertiary college in 1986 and is currently home to a population of over 3,800 full-time students and around 350 students on higher education programs.

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Newcastle-under-Lyme is a borough formed of 24 towns and rural villages that offer plenty of interactive and enjoyable activities that both you and our escort can enjoy. Why not challenge your trivial knowledge with a drink and a Newcastle-under-Lyme escort and the local pub quiz, which is bound to create a content atmosphere. If you don't think you're the quiz type then take a Newcastle-under-Lyme escort to the local comedy club for a night of hilarity and drinks, a time that's guaranteed to leave you smiling.

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