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Newcastle upon Tyne is the most populous city in the North East and the eighth most populous urban area in the United Kingdom. It’s a member of the Core Cities Group, which is a self-selected and self-financed collaborative advocacy group. Before Newcastle upon Tyne reached its present-day status, there was a smaller castle built by Robert Curthose in 1080. Soon, a Roman settlement developed around the castle. Romans who lived in this settlement required a steady stream of supplies, such as food and other daily necessities. As time passed and the settlement grew and it became more convenient for English traders. Which later permanently stayed near the Roman settlement, instead of always moving in and out.

After a few centuries, the original Roman settlement transformed into an important center for the wool trade, later becoming a major coal mining area. The role of Newcastle upon Tyne as a coal mining powerhouse was of a great significance during the 19th century Industrial Revolution. Today, heavy industries are not nearly as important as they once used to be. It’s a strange irony that a city that once used to mine coal for the whole Britain aims to become the first Carbon Neutral town by 2050.

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