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This cathedral and university city and unitary authority area in south east Wales is located on the River Usk close to its confluence with the Severn Estuary and, according to the 2011 census, has a population of 145,000 and an urban population of over 300,000. Ever since the first Newport Castle was built by the Normans, Newport has been a busy port. The original castle was called Castell Newyd ar Uysc, distinguishing it from the old Roman port upstream at Caerleon. We don’t know its exact location, but a common theory is that it was built at Stow Hill close to St Woolos Church, now known as Newport Cathedral.

Newport Cathedral of St. Woolos, King & Confessor, commonly referred to simply as Newport Cathedral dates to the 5th century, with some sections of the present building dating to Anglo-Saxon times. The original church was constructed out of wood, but it was rebuilt in stone in the 9th century. Later, around 1080, the Normans added a new nave, and, in 1200, the church was repaired and the original entrance became an internal archway. Currently, a large-scale restoration of the building which started in 2006 is underway.

Escorts in Newport

As the third largest city in Wales, Newport has a lot to offer to its local people as well as its visitors. If you happen to be in the city why not take out a Newport escort out for a captivating walk through the local gardens where you both can discuss the victorian architecture. Not appealed by the idea of a slow walk, then why not take a Newport escort out to the local cinema where you both can watch a range of featured films.

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