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As one of 32 council areas in Scotland, North Ayrshire has a population of roughly 136,000 people and is located in the southwest of Scotland, bordering the areas of Inverclyde to the north, Renfrewshire to the Northeast, and East Ayrshire and South Ayrshire to the east and south respectively. After Cunningham, a former comital district of Scotland and also a district of the Strathclyde Region, was abolished in 1996, North Ayrshire was created as its successor. The largest town in the council area is Irvine, which is also where the council is headquartered.

Irvine is a picturesque ancient settlement and the site of Scotland's 12th-century Military Capital and former headquarters of the Lord High Constable of Scotland, Hugh de Morville. Notable people include Jack McConnell, a former First Minister of Scotland, Alfred Nobel, who built an explosives factory in Ardeer, and, for example, Graeme Obree, a racing cyclist and former world hour record holder.

The natural beauty of North Ayrshire makes tourism the main industry in many places. So many buildings have been converted to holiday homes that they’ve begun to negatively affect the local housing market, forcing the administration to start a regeneration at Ardrossan Harbour and Irvine town center.

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North Ayrshire is the successor of Scottish district Cunninghame and covers a total of 342 square miles. North Ayrshire escorts are willing to make travel arrangements for the charge of an outgoing call, when they make it to their destination why not divulge them in the local history of one of the many surrounding castles. If castles are not your thing then North Ayrshire escorts would be interested in seeing the local museums and hearing of the town's diverse history.

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