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Picture of North Lincolnshire

Formed after the abolition in 1996 of Humberside County Council, North Lincolnshire is a unitary authority area with a population of 167,000. It’s well-known throughout the United Kingdom thanks to the Haxey Hood event. Every year, on the afternoon of 6 January, a kind of large rugby football scrum pushes the hood, which is a leather tube, to 1 of 4 pubs. There, the hood remains until the following year. The event was first played in the 14th century. Connected with the event is the tour of the so-called Fool and the Boggins, who travel through nearby villages and collect money for the event and local charities.

As they tour, they single many popular folk songs, such as John Barleycorn, Cannons, and The Farmer’s Boy. The procession is led by the Fool, who has the right to kiss any woman he meets on this way. He then makes a traditional speech in front of Parish Church, while a fire is lit behind him. It is said that in the olden days, the Fool was swung over the fire until he nearly suffocated. Before he did, the rope on which he swung would be cut, dropping him into the fire below him. It’s easy to understand why this part of the event has been forgotten.

Escorts in North Lincolnshire

North Lincolnshire is made up of several towns and villages including Scunthrophe, Brigg and Barton-upon Humber so many of the North Lincolnshire Escorts will either work in or around these areas. North Lincolnshire itself is a beautiful area and a great place to take one of our North Lincolnshire Escorts out. Why not visit Scunthorpe and see what the town has to offer or maybe experience and night out with your new companion in one of the local villages for a brew.

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