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Nuneaton & Bedworth is a government district with a borough status and is in the West Midlands area of northern Warwickshire, England. With Nuneaton & Bedworth consisting of the densely populated town of Nuneaton and Bedworth the village of Bulkington and the green belt land in between and has a population of over 120,000. Nuneaton & Bedworth borders the Warwickshire districts of Rugby to the east of the district and north Warwickshire to the west. To the south of he district it borders the county of West Midlands and to the north it borders Leicestershire. Nuneaton & Bedworth was created in April 1974 and was done so by the local government act 1972. The district was originally named 'Nuneaton', however the Bedworth residents objected this decision and led it to be renamed Nuneaton & Bedworth in 1980. The Labour Party have been in control for 34, however in 2008, the ruling labour council lost to the Conservative party who had gained the four seats needed to gain control, the BNP also gained two seats in the new council, however they lost one of their seats to the Labour Party in a by election which was help in December 2009. In the 2010 elections the Labour Party won a further two seats from the Conservative party, this left the council under no overall control, however it was led by the Labour Party as the largest group. Nuneaton & Bedworth is divided into 17 wards with each one being represented by two councillors, this is a total of 34 councilors.

Nuneaton & Bedworth

Both the county district and the counties council headquarters location are both named Horsham, as such there is a wide area for venturing as well as plenty of point of interests to visit. If you find yourself bored in Horsham then why not hire an escort to accompany as you explore the town and the local area. Our Horsham escorts are great for a day at the local art gallery, where you can increase your cultural standing as well as conversing with our escort about the significance of the art. If that does not appeal to you then how about a slow paced walk through the local park, which is full of sculptures and an abundance of wildlife surrounding you, for a more undemanding time with our Horsham escort.

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